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Techlance Digital Solution's Dedication to Privacy

Safeguarding privacy constitutes a pivotal aspect of Techlance Digital Solution's operations. Throughout our history, dating back to 2010, we have consistently prioritized and protected our customers' privacy and sensitive data.

Techlance Digital Solution operates multiple businesses catering to diverse privacy concerns of our customers. Each website we manage has its distinct privacy policy, reflecting its unique business model. We encourage you to review the privacy policy relevant to the website you are engaging with, ensuring you comprehend the information practices and can make informed decisions regarding your information usage.

Principles Guiding Our Privacy Program:

Across all business models, every Techlance Digital Solution unit formulates its privacy policies and information practices guided by these core principles:


Techlance Digital Solution undertakes work exclusively as directed through mutually agreed-upon channels. You can place orders via email, telephone, voicemail, mail, or copies. Your order approval constitutes a verbal or written agreement between you and Techlance Digital Solution.

Techlance Digital Solution provides services in Logo Design, Branding, Website Design and Development, Application Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, and Video Animation.


Techlance Digital Solution ensures information accuracy and completeness through reasonable procedures during collection, use, and exchange.


Techlance Digital Solution implements suitable security measures to safeguard information against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure, including secure disposal.


Techlance Digital Solution implements suitable security measures to safeguard information against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure, including secure disposal.


Techlance Digital Solution maintains a commitment to collecting, using, and exchanging information in line with confidentiality standards.


Techlance Digital Solution adheres to policies and procedures concerning data sharing, notification, and preferences in accordance with applicable laws.


Techlance Digital Solution promptly addresses privacy-related inquiries with accuracy, in compliance with applicable laws.

Employee Education:

Techlance Digital Solution educates employees about privacy, security, and compliance responsibilities, including proper information handling and usage.


Techlance Digital Solution commits to internal audits to ensure compliance.


By engaging with Techlance Digital Solution, you acknowledge and voluntarily commit to abiding by these Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Ownership of the Website, graphics, content, and programming code remains with Techlance Digital Solution. Any scripts, CGI applications, PHP scripts, content, or software developed by Techlance Digital Solution are copyrighted and may only be commercially reproduced or resold with written permission from Techlance Digital Solution management.

Disclaimers and Limitations on Liability:

Techlance Digital Solution is not accountable for URLs excluded or omitted by search engines for any reason. Delays or performance issues arising from Internet Service Provider delivery are not within Techlance Digital Solution's purview. Acts beyond Techlance Digital Solution's control, such as acts of nature, strikes, or communication equipment failure, do not render Techlance Digital Solution liable. By utilizing Techlance Digital Solution services, you acknowledge that associated risks are your responsibility. These services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Techlance Digital Solution cannot guarantee absolute protection of your account service data from corruption or piracy. By accepting these terms, you waive any claims against Techlance Digital Solution for data loss due to corruption, piracy, security breaches, or reasons not stemming from deliberate or grossly negligent actions by Techlance Digital Solution.

Payment of Accounts:

For detailed information on how Techlance Digital Solution calculates service fees, consult the Techlance Digital Solution Investment Fees page or contact

Information You Provide on Techlance Digital Solution Corporate Website:

If you choose to provide us with your or others' names and contact information on our corporate web pages, it will be used solely to fulfill your requested information. This privacy policy applies to specific instances (e.g., job applications, investor relations) where we directly ask you for information to be processed by one of our vendors. We will not share, rent, or sell your information to third parties for marketing purposes. In the event of a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of Techlance Digital Solution's assets, you will be informed via email and/or a prominent notice on our website about any change in ownership or use of your personal information, along with any choices you have concerning it.

Contacting Techlance Digital Solution:

If you encounter any issues during your engagement with Techlance Digital Solution that require attention, please reach out through the Information Request Form. For further questions or concerns about these Terms & Conditions or queries regarding the Techlance Digital Solution website, contact