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Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee

Techlance Digital Solution is entirely dedicated to ensuring the contentment of our clients and endeavors to furnish optimum services as per the packages outlined on individual websites. In the event that a client finds the quality of work lacking, direct communication is encouraged. Clients can reach out to us directly through +1-213-551-6793 or by sending an email to. info@techlancedigitalsolution.com.

We have a specific refund policy in place, outlined as follows:

1. During the initial presentation of service concepts, clients have the option to request modifications. Once the designs receive approval, payment is required, and subsequent refund requests will not be accommodated.

2. If a refund is sought prior to the initial design and concepts being delivered, the client qualifies for a refund minus a 10% service and processing fee.

3. Requests for refunds made within 48 hours of the initial delivery will be eligible for a 66% refund, reduced by a 10% service and processing fee.

4. Refund requests made between 48 and 120 hours after the initial design delivery will be eligible for a 33% refund, minus a 10% service and processing fee.

5. Refund requests made after 120 hours of the initial delivery will not be accepted. Nevertheless, clients can still contact us regarding concerns as our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

6. Refund requests will not be accepted if there has been no activity on an order for 30 days post-placement. Reactivating an order incurs a specific fee depending on the project.

7. Once the final files are delivered, no further refund requests will be entertained.

8. For video animation packages, no refunds will be granted once the video animation layouts (storyboard) have been approved or once the video animation has been deployed live.

9. For service packages, refund requests become invalid once the initial animation is successfully delivered.

10. A revision request fair usage policy applies, allowing a maximum of 3 rounds of revisions per phase to maintain equitable usage.

11. All refund requests should be directed to the support department. Techlance Digital Solution retains the right to evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis, dependent on adherence to the user agreement.

12. Refund policies for Techlance Digital Solution/Custom packages mirror those for single packages. For instance, if a client orders logo animation and web design services and approves the logo animation, a refund claim can only be made for the video animation service during the initial design stage.

13. To qualify for a refund, the request must have a valid reason that aligns with the design brief and customer feedback. Unless a concept diverges from the brief, a refund will not be granted, though additional revisions will be provided until complete satisfaction.

14. The money-back guarantee is predicated on the assumption of good faith in placing the order. Placing orders with multiple agencies for the same project with the intent to claim a refund is deemed in bad faith, and we retain the prerogative to deny refund requests in such instances.

15. Customers are accountable for offering feedback and participating in the design process to attain desired results. The 100% unique design guarantee encompasses the provision of a redesign if video animation and illustrations bear resemblance to existing designs. Techlance Digital Solution is not liable for any likeness and disclaims responsibility or claims for compensation in such scenarios. The onus lies with the client to copyright their artwork.

How to claim a refund:

To facilitate the endorsement of a refund claim, kindly reach out to us through any of the following three channels: our toll-free number at +1-213-551-6793 or via email at info@techlancedigitalsolution.com.

We will make every effort to address your concerns through our revision protocol. If this proves inadequate, an email will be dispatched to you, containing the refund approval from our refund department. Following the reimbursement, the design rights will be transferred to Techlance Digital Solution, and you will no longer have the capacity to showcase any iteration of the design furnished by the company.

Upon accepting the refund, you concede that you lack the authority to employ any response or content from the company and relinquish any claim to ownership interest in them.

Techlance Digital Solution may disclose Copyright Acquisition particulars for refunded designs to Government Copyright Agencies to deter their reuse as original designs in the future.

My Account:

The client's account dashboard serves as the principal channel of communication. It is incumbent upon the client to regularly monitor the account area for any inquiries, concerns, or supplementary information that the designer might require. Neglecting to regularly engage with or utilize the Account Area does not establish a basis for requesting a refund. If unsure about how to navigate the area, reaching out to the customer support team for guidance is advisable.

Quality Assurance Policy:

We guarantee that our designers adhere to explicit specifications, undertake thorough research, and infuse originality into their work.


Should you find the initial logo or website designs unsatisfactory, you have the option to request a complete refund amounting to the cost paid, within 48 hours of receiving the designs. However, if the project design has been sanctioned and is in the developmental phase or if the logo has proceeded to the revision stage, you do not meet the criteria for a refund. Moreover, there are outlined scenarios under which the validity of the 100% money-back guarantee will be negated.

Domain and Hosting:

Domain and hosting are included at no additional cost in video animation packages, as deemed appropriate. Email accounts, which are part of video animation packages, can be set up using third-party software such as Outlook, and each account is allocated 10MB of storage space.

However, if the client opts not to host their video animation with us, email accounts will not be provided.

Delivery Policy:

Design files associated with the order are dispatched to the client's designated My Account section, in accordance with the details outlined in the "Order Confirmation." Additionally, the files are transmitted via email. The stipulations concerning revisions and refunds are contingent upon the timestamp of the design order's delivery to the client's account area.

Personalized design orders are dispatched via email within a span of 5 to 7 days subsequent to the order receipt. For expedited service, the option of rush delivery is available, entailing a supplementary charge, for initial logo animation samples within a span of 48 hours.

Should further assistance be required, the 24-Hour Customer Support Center is at your service.

Record Maintenance:

We maintain a record of finalized designs and can resend the final files upon request in the future.

Customer Support:

We maintain a record of finalized designs and can resend the final files upon request in the future.

Communication Policy:

Techlance Digital Solution is not responsible for any communication from email addresses not under our domain (info@techlancedigitalsolution.com) or any toll-free number not specified in our video animation. Any damage resulting from such correspondence is not our liability. We take responsibility only for communication through email addresses under our domain or toll-free numbers mentioned on the Techlance Digital Solution website.

100% Unique Design Guarantee:

or any toll-free number not specified in our video animation. Any damage resulting from such correspondence is not our liability. We take responsibility only for communication through email addresses under our domain or toll-free numbers mentioned on the Techlance Digital Solution website.